Blessing 2020 - a print work consisting of handmade recycled paper, exploring the symbol of luck—the four leaf clover.

I have created 88 limited edition prints to give away to visitors this exhibition, Retracing.

In the culture of my country of origin, Hong Kong, the number 8 represents luck and doubling the number increases the fortune. Here the 88 prints represent the idea of 'double the luck'.

Since 2019 we have experienced multiple traumas, resulting in our daily patterns and rhthyms being disrupted. As of this moment, there is still uncertainty as to when it will end. I sincerely hope this clover print can bring faith, love, luck and hope to the community.

Please take one print with you to be part of this lucky blessing; you are one of 88 people who is sharing in this luck.


This work was showing with ‘Retracing’ October 2020, an exhibition curated by Willoughby Council.

The slow, repeated steps of making in my work with the use of paper and thread in ‘Safety Blanket ‘ draw out literally and symbolically the possible ways to mend.

Archived handwritten daily payment dockets are used in this work, emblems of my personal struggles but also of happy and fond memories; and the act of tearing up the dockets symbolises being torn apart from each other, being broken down and pulped.

Every stitch that perforates the paper as I sew represents for me the suffering of the individual under the forces of repression and the hope and courage needed to bind our community and make steps towards healing.