Eden Unearthed / Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park

Nov 2021 - Apr 2022

Eden Unearthed: Art in the Gardens

Now in its 5
th year, Eden Unearthed: art in the gardens is an installation art exhibition located in the fantastic 2.5 acre showcase gardens at Eden Gardens in Macquarie Park. It’s a smorgasbord of art, with light and sound works, sculptural pieces, ephemeral installations and more all using the garden as a muse, where plants are entwined with art and the environment morphs into the artwork itself. Opening in November, the open air exhibition is running for 6 months, and focuses on the three pillars of Sustainability: Social, Environmental and Economic, and pays artists stipends to take part as well as offering a $10,000 first prize.

Selected Artists:
Allyson Adeney / Mary Elizabeth Barron / Alex Berini and Selina Springett /
Pamela Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana / Jan Cleveringa / Cybele Cox / Alix Crowe / Rmsina Daniel / Mimi Dennett / Saskia Everingham / Caleb Fletcher and Christopher Stenta / Christina Frank and Michelle Perrett / Marta Ferracin / Neelam Gopalani / Ryoko Kose w- Danielle Minett / Caroline Kronenberg / Simone Leonelli / Pamela Leung / Anne Levitch Strategems / Francois Limondin / Ainslie Murray / Owen Redmond / Anne Palmer / Basilios Papaioannou / Louis Pratt / Lisa Shepherd & FCR’s Youth Off The Streets Floral Odyssey / Christy Sin / Chloe Alice Stafford / Jayanto Tan / Alison Thompson / Aria-Joshes Waterford / Elizabeth West .

Join us for the opening with Costa Georgiadis 31
st October, 4pm tickets $20

. . .

Eden Gardens, 307 Lane Cove Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113

November 2021 - April 2022 Free entry | More info
: 31 Oct 2021, 4:00pm-8:00pm, Ticketed event (Sold Out)

Artwork detail: 'I Read You' 2021, Pamela Leung. Acrylic paint and house paint on timber

Que des femmes/Only women - 6th Biennale of Non-Objective Art / Satellite show at Factory 49

Gallery: 24 Nov - 4 Dec 2021 | Online: 18 Sept - 13 Nov 2021

Factory 49 presents ‘Que des femmes … Only women …’ a satellite exhibition of the 6th biennale of international non-objective art.

Participating artists:

Pam Aitken, Susan Andrews, Karen Benton, Louise Blyton, Liz Bodey, Susan Buret, Mandy Burgess, Sue Callanan, Melinda Clyne, Sandra Curry, Elizabeth Day, Rox De Rox De Luca, Lynne Eastaway, Nicole Ellis, Sarah Fitzgerald, Barbara Halnan, Jan Handel, Annelies Jahn, Wendy Kelly, Alexandra Kennedy, Pia Larsen, Michelle Le Michelle Le Dain, Pamela Leung, Sara Lindsay, Kate Mackay, Nicola McClelland, Ro Murray, Anya Pesce, Margaret Roberts, Elke Wohlfahrt

Dedicated to Barbara Halnan (1941-2021) who is with us in the show

Curated by Lisa Pang & Anya Pesce

International curator Billy Gruner

Biennale founder & curator Roland Orépük

. . .

Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville, NSW 2204

Virtual exhibition: 18 Sept - 13 Nov 2021 | Gallery: 24 Nov - 4 Dec 2021

Metamporhosis / Gallery Lane Cove Online

19 Aug - 10 Oct 2021



A selection of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios past and present Artists-in-Residence reflect on the theme of Metamorphosis through photography, sculpture, drawing, mixed and new media.

The online exhibition surveys explorations into the transformative processes of human and environmental conditions. The collection of works signifies the metamorphosis of time within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, a journey of reflection, change, regeneration and the post Anthropocene experience.

Curators: Jennifer Brady & Joanna Williams
. . .

Metamorphosis Virtual Exhibition / Gallery Lane Cove Online

19 Aug - 30 Sept 2021 | EXTENDED until 10 October 2021

SHADES OF RED IV / Incinerator Art Space

14 Apr - 2 May 2021

An exhibition of abstract paintings, installations and interactive performance by Pamela Leung.

Shades Of Red lV, 2021 presents an exhibition of mixed media, installation and painting. Pamela Leung explores themes such as the mundane routines of everyday life, relationships, connections, displacement, and the diaspora. She shares her personal migratory experience with the audience, while also allowing them to reflect on the broader ideas of identity and displacement. The colour red takes on a significant symbolic status in her work, representing the differing emotional perspectives of Western and Eastern cultures. Further, she sees red as the very colour that runs through us, despite what colour skin we are.

. . .

Incinerator Art Space, 2 Small Street, Willoughby, NSW 2068 | More Info

14 Apr - 2 May 2021

Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5pm (first Wednesday of every month - 10am-5pm)

Reification Complex / Our Neon Foe

OPENING 6 March 2021

Featuring: Anje Rossendell-Piper, Mx TOY, Daryl Prondoso, Isobel Brinin, Lily Golightly, Pamela Leung, Audrey Tan, Kazu Quill, Anton Pulvirenti, Patrick Mcdavitt, Viola Nazario. Essay by Philip Ma. Curated by Sebastian Henry Jones

. . .

Our Neon Foe, 411 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Opening: 6 March 2021 1-5PM RVSP essential due to capacity limits.

NEW BEGINNING / Willoughby Council Foyer Art Space

14 Apr - 2 May 2021

Lunar New Year show for Willoughby Council

. . .

Willoughby Council Foyer Art Space, 31 Victor St, Chatswood NSW 2067

2 February to 1 March 2021

Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

FRACAS ONE / Articulate Project Space

15 - 17 Jan 2021

FRACAS ONE shows the work of Lisa Andrew, Pamela Leung, Tara McIntosh, Raymond Matthews, Margaret Roberts, Kit Bylett, and Sue Callanan.

FRACAS continues Articulate’s experiment with exhibition practice begun with FAIRISLE, FERAL, FERRET, FERMENT and FROLIC FREEZE in previous years. It presents the exhibition as a changing site by re-contextualising each artwork with new works installed in the gaps left by the departure of works that were installed earlier. This weekly coming and going of artworks is a slow and progressive art-dance, each step of which is seen by coming to each of its six Friday-Sunday iterations until Feb 22. Opening events are each Saturday 1-5pm.

. . .

Articulate Project Space, 497 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Opening: 1-5pm Saturday 16 JAN | Hours: 11am-5pm Friday to Sunday 15-17 JAN 2021


13 JAN 2021, 5-6PM HKT

Hosted by Celia Ho, Para Site Curator; and Joseph Chen, Para Site Project Manager/Assistant Curator.

. . .

Supported by Australia Council of the Arts

Online: 13 January 2021, 5-6PM HKT