12 December 2016

'Articulate Turns Six: What Next?'

Opening: Friday 9th December, 6-8pm
Artists' Talk: Saturday 17th December 3-5pm
Open Hours: Friday-Sunday 11-5pm, 10-24th December 2016

"it's knot just me, it's us"

A performing, participatory installation. Robes and fabrics. Dimension variable.

Knot - connection - joint - crowd - security - a bond - weaving - tie. 

As a member of a diaspora, we can often feel a knot in the stomach, arising from a lack of bonding and connection with people and space in our everyday life.

Please help me to knot, to connect, to join, to tie and to untie the knot....

19 November 2016

POSTGRADUATE EXHIBITION 2016 Opening - 'Why does God allow these things to us?'

'Please feel free to walk on the eggshells', I was really happy to see a lot of audiences participated during the exhibition.

This is a long process work. Those thousands and thousands of eggshells were collected over two years from bakery, cafes and friends. The cleaning process of the eggshells is meditative but painful. 

By the end of the exhibition, all the eggshells got trampling into pieces.

21 October 2016


The end exhibition with my art study at National Art School, what a journey! I'm going to miss the school a lot! 

Please come and join us to celebrate, it's going to be a great show!

29 September 2016

'Wonder + Woman' 2016, for 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition of KWASS

It is a great pleasure to be invited by KWASS (Korean Women's Art Society Sydney) to participate in their exhibition of 'Wonder + Woman' celebrating the 10 year 'birthday'. This exhibition is a good opportunity to share the art and life of migrant women to the wider Australian public. There are 36 member artists and 10 multicultural migrant artists exhibit.


    'Diaspora 2016' cotton on rice paper, 100cm x 100cm.

    'Diaspora 2016' closed up.

All the artists.

3 September 2016

28 June 2016

「做人如果没有夢想,那跟鹹魚有什麼分別?」'If we don't have any dream in life, do we have any different with a salted fish?'

This is an article written by Out Of Stock, and published in Tao Magazine on 27th June 2016 Vol. 258.

16 June 2016

出。入。平安。Two-Way Street ll

A big thank you to the talented Hong Kong artist, Jovial Yeung, who has invited me to exhibit in what will be my first solo show in Hong Kong. I can't begin to say how excited I am to exhibit a new work, Two -Way Street II, in my home town.

Two-Way Street ll is a new work extended from Two-Way Street (2015). Using every day found objects, from different parts of the world, I have created an installation that explores the complex nature of mutual communication within human relationships. The fine balance of give and take in a relationship is at the heart of this work. 

The exhibition will be held at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, from 2nd - 6th of July. The opening is on Saturday 2nd of July from 3-5pm, and will include a short performance at the start.

Details are in the poster below. 

13 June 2016

Red Journey with Two Perspectives

This is the link of the documentary of my MFA works - the installed and the private viewing on 12th April 2016.

Special thanks to photographer Mikhail Zenon who did the fantastic filming for this documentary, my son Adrian Leung (Five Stripe) composed the beautiful music for the work 'I am alright, I am not alright...', and artist Veronica Habib who filmed the videos for 'Why Does God Allow These Things To Us?' And 'Untitled (Healing).


3 April 2016

MFA final viewing - Red Journey with Two Perspectives

    “Red Journey with Two Perspectives” – a creative language drawn from my Chinese and Australian cultural experience. My artwork explores the experience of members of the Chinese diaspora many of whom have left their homeland to seek new lives and opportunities in different parts of the world. That experience is reflected in my own journey from Hong Kong to Australia 40 years ago and the sense of displacement I have often felt as a person living between two cultures.

12 February 2016

Terrain - from two perspectives / Gallery Klei 11th - 25th September 2015

Updated some photos of my works at this exhibition. It was a joined solo exhibition with Artist Wendy Edwards. 

The Other Art Fair Sydney 10-15 September 2015

The opening of The Other Art Fair Sydney first launched 2015 at Central Park.

It was really cool to be able to interact with the audience and all the other participated artists. I found It was a great exercise and experience for an emerging artist.