28 August 2015

Terrain– from two Perspectives / Gallery Klei 11 - 25 Sep 2015

I'm having an exhibition with fellow artist Wendy Edwards at Gallery Klei in Sydney opening on the 11th of September.
The show includes drawings, sculpture and installation exploring landscape.

Wendy Edwards

Having come out of a long practice of black and white (primarily landscape) photography, Wendy’s  work continues her fascination with tone, shadow and a meditative process whereby she distills the Australian landscape down to what she sees as its key elements.

Initially Wendy likes to work “en plein air”, looking for the essence of the landscape she’s chosen and then attempts to represent this essence by a line or simple shape.  From this simple beginning, Wendy finds that the elements then seem to take on their own order or relationships as she ‘plays’ with them.  Wendy approachs individual works as if they were empty rooms in which she places just a few pieces of furniture  to make them comfortable.  Wendy says “I am continually asking myself “does it work with less”? I like to think that my work provides a quiet contemplate experience for the viewer in contrast to the noise, crowding and competitive nature of our daily lives.”

The use of paper is central to Wendy’s work and the work often takes on a transitory form, as in installations. The considerable time Wendy has spent living and working in Asia has also informed the work, as has her affinity with Taoist and Confucian philosophies.  The result is a combination of excitement and meditation (Yin/Yang) contained within an ongoing investigation of the Australian landscape. 

Pamela Leung

Pamela Leung is an emerging artist based in Sydney and currently undertaking her Master of Fine Arts in Painting at the National Art School.

Her personal history (she moved from Hong Kong to Sydney in the 1970s) has added a dimension to the way she sees the world.  Pamela enjoys a dual identity that is in her own words “Westernised” but intrinsically tied to her Chinese cultural heritage.

Pamela’s employs a natural palate in her work combined with the use of red as a reference to cultural, spiritual and traditional memories as well as themes of meditation, Zen, emotion and the ordinariness of everyday life.  This collection of work followed a trip to China and pertains to the terrain of Pamela’s heritage.  Pamela has utilised found objects plus careful mark making and composition to connect with the natural landscape encountered on this trip.

9/1-7 Albion Place, Sydney NSW 2000.
Tue-Fri: 10am-5pm | Sat: 11am-4pm