4 November 2014

Updated installation works - Gaffa

These are the works I had exhibited at Gaffa for Peculiar Compendiums with Veronica Habib, Louise Morgan, Meaghan Potter and Hannah Toohey, on 24/7/2014 - 4/8/2014.

Golden Bowls, ceramic bowls, wooden ladder and chopsticks, dimensions variable, 2014

Golden rice bowls were a symbol of prosperity for an individual in the Chinese empire. Today, all around the world, people strive for the security of employment.
From the moment we are born, most of us are educated, brought up or encouraged to aim for a career that provides security through money. 'Eight golden bowls' embodies the ambitions and struggles we undergo to achieve this security - the number eight being a symbol of the good luck and good fortune we wish to have with us throughout our life. However, in a world where there is never enough to go around, some of us might need to step on top of each other to get up to the ladder. We are all striving for our Golden Bowls.

Looking Beyond, mixed media, dimensions variable, 2014

This installation is about the memory of my last journey, how I see the world through the window of the plane. I have tried to capture a sense of the divine, and the universe, and the emotion of meditation, as I was looking at the sky and earth, the image was moving, changing, and I felt my mind was drifting.