9 November 2013

Red Journey 2013 - Updated Web-Gallery

Just an update to let you know that works for 2013 can now be found on the website.

>> Red Journey 2013

24 May 2013

saArtchi exhibition

These two works are being showed at saatchi & saatchi at the Rock with 11 hons and master students from National Art School till July. 
The drawing 'breaking through 2013', ink with rice paper.
The sculpture 'red journey 2012', made with 4 piece of 500 years old jarrah wood from Western Australia and red string.
An America artist Agnes Martin had once said,'..the most important things are the most simple, powerful thing, that's what she try to show in her art,'. She also said,' .....simplicity is never simple. It's the hardest thing to achieve.....'.
I enjoy the simplicity of these two works! 

23 April 2013


An exhibition of contemporary Australian art. This is my third group show this year but also is my 1st show in Melbourne. It is a great show which curates by Anne Harari and Merren Ricketson. Opened last Friday till today. Anne and Merren both have co-curated the popular Top Art exhibition at the National gallery of Victoria for 16 years. They now bring their experience to promote works by established and emerging artists from across Australia.

21 April 2013

Rise Exist Demise (RED)

1st group exhibition at Canberra in March this year curated by Chloe Mandryk. This was a contemporary exhibition tracing life and death through red. There were artists from Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.