7 February 2017

朱 · 赤 ·紅 Shades of Red

After being quite intense for the last 2 weeks to do all the perpetrations for the exhibition! I feel excited to start the installation tomorrow! The opening is on Wednesday, 8 February at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. Hope the installation is going to be great!


22 January 2017

Solo exhibition 朱 · 赤 · 紅 Shades of Red - Wednesday 8 February

Only three weeks to go for my second solo exhibition in Hong Kong! The exhibition is at VA! Hong Kong Visual Art Centre from 9-13th February 2017, Opening on Wednesday 8 February 6.30-8.30pm.

At the moment is right into all the processing and problems solving, very intense but a lot of excitement!

Please visit the new social media project, which is part of this exhibition, '此時此刻 Moment of Red' on Face Book - 

12 December 2016

'Articulate Turns Six: What Next?'

Opening: Friday 9th December, 6-8pm
Artists' Talk: Saturday 17th December 3-5pm
Open Hours: Friday-Sunday 11-5pm, 10-24th December 2016

"it's knot just me, it's us"

A performing, participatory installation. Robes and fabrics. Dimension variable.

Knot - connection - joint - crowd - security - a bond - weaving - tie. 

As a member of a diaspora, we can often feel a knot in the stomach, arising from a lack of bonding and connection with people and space in our everyday life.

Please help me to knot, to connect, to join, to tie and to untie the knot....